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Mistakes women make when buying gemstones

6 costly and potentially disastrous mistakes women should avoid when buying their first gemstone

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Nowadays buying jewelry and in particular, gemstones, is a lot more simple than how it used to be. You can purchase your gemstone from a shop or you can do it the way most women now prefer: online. Even though it’s easier and more accessible than ever, mistakes still happen. After discussing with our customer service team, it appears that these six mistakes are the most costly and potentially disastrous mistakes women make whilst buying gemstones. 

  1. Ordering the wrong size.

Although a lot of rings can be resized nowadays, why put the money and effort into something that can be right the first way around? Ordering the wrong size always leads to hassle and if you wanted to wear a ring to a particular event it can really throw off your plans stressing about trying to get it fixed in time.

On every product page, we feature a guide on how to properly measure your ring size. Just click here and scroll down to the bottom. 

  1. Forgetting to ask for help.

Customer service is there to help you. And I know that a lot of women might find it embarrassing or maybe feel annoying to ask the customer service for help, but ladies that’s what we’re here for! So many issues and problems could have easily been sorted if only the customer would have asked for some advice before ordering. Remember, there are no stupid questions. We want you to make the right decisions. At Kaylee Jackson, customer support and service are our #1 priorities. 

  1. Not taking your current style into consideration.

There it is, a beautiful gemstone that catches your attention. However, it doesn’t match anything you currently own and it’s not really your taste… but you take the chance anyway. You wear it once and you never use it again. Take a look at your current jewelry, what do you own? Use that and your imagination to expand your current favorite collection.

4. Playing it safe.

Keeping to your personal style doesn’t by any means mean that you can’t be fun and adventurous. Experiment and dare to make yourself be seen. But do it right and do it with a surgical precision. Be bold, but do it in a fashion that says: You!

  1. Only following the trends.

The whole point of jewelry and accessories is to show the world who you truly are.  Express yourself. Radiate a sense of pride and confidence whilst you evoke envy from your peers. Find something that displays who are whilst at the same time keeping a cloak of mystery around yourself. Don’t buy something just because everyone else has it. Buy it because it’s you and most importantly because you want it.  

  1. Expecting good gemstones to be expensive.

A lot of women see beautiful, quality jewelry for a good price and just dismiss it as if being affordable is something bad. Why? Because we’ve all been brainwashed these last 50 years into thinking that jewelry NEEDS to be expensive for it to be worth it. And I’m not falling for that trick anymore and neither should you. Everyone has the right to feeling beautiful, confident and stunning WITHOUT feeling guilty. 

Mistakes can always happen, but with these things in mind, you can avoid them. And enjoy your new jewelry faster. With this new knowledge, you can shop at Kaylee Jackson with a clear mind, knowing precisely what you’re looking for, and what you’re looking out for.

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