Combine two gemstones: Blue Topaz and Aquamarine are your companions in life’s big changes

Gemstones come in a great variety of characteristics and abilities that can help you in many ways. But what if you take two different gems, and use them together? Some of them work really well together and enhances the power of each other. Blue topaz and aquamarine is the ultimate combination when you are facing significant changes in life.

Blue Topaz & Aquamarine

Blue Topaz

We all come to points in life where we have to make big decisions and go through changes.

Sometimes this can be a bit frightening, and fear and anxiousness easily distract us from thinking clearly and rationally.

Blue topaz has the ability to help you overcome your fears. It also encourages higher thinking and boosts creativity, and the two of them together is essential when you need to make a decision.

Aquamarine helps you towards closure, something often needed when going through a big transition. It encourages positive thinking and is also beneficial in stressful situations with its soothing abilities.

Together they make a strong couple. Blue topaz and aquamarine will help you with fear of letting go of the past and the uncertainty of the future. It will help you to think positive, be more creative and to access higher thinking. This will make you more confident in your own judgment and opens up for new possibilities in life.

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4 thoughts on “Combine two gemstones: Blue Topaz and Aquamarine are your companions in life’s big changes”

  1. I love my aquamarine ring but my hand is small. If the stone was half the size it would be better. Could I return the ring?

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